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Yes, I'm a gypsy. No sooner than I've completed the last project on my to-do list (and hubby's done with his honey-do list),  and I develop an acute itch only cured by priming the ZILLOW app on my iPhone. Hubby recognizes that dazed look on my face. He's come to hate that look. Last spring, hubby… Continue reading TransPLANTed…AGAIN!

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Sally asks: "Do I have to dead-head my Knock-out roses, or should I just leave them alone?  I know they are supposed to be low-maintenance, but are they NO-maintenance?" The Knock Out ® rose  (Rosa 'Radrazz' KNOCK OUT) is the fastest selling "new" rose ever.  Since being sent to the Conard-Pyle Company for testing in 1992 by Wisconsin rose… Continue reading Want a NO-MAINTENANCE ROSE?

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Pool problems: my head is swimming trying to decide WHAT to put behind my pool!

Charlene from Texas writes: "Hey, we have a spot behind the pool that gets only a few hours of LATE afternoon, intense sunlight.  Any suggestions?  We have nandina on one side and lorapetalums on the other with wax myrtles behind all. I'd love abelia but hubby thinks that won't get enough sun.  Thanks!" When a… Continue reading Pool problems: my head is swimming trying to decide WHAT to put behind my pool!

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Another gardening blog?

Growing up with a gardening parent, I recognize my good fortune.  My childhood was spent soaking in Dad's knowledge of the natural world, although at the time I looked at it as "work."  Thankfully, by the time I started my own family, that changed.  The hours spent doing gardening chores as a kid paid out… Continue reading Another gardening blog?