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Yes, I’m a gypsy. No sooner than I’ve completed the last project on my to-do list (and hubby’s done with his honey-do list),  and I develop an acute itch only cured by priming the ZILLOW app on my iPhone. Hubby recognizes that dazed look on my face. He’s come to hate that look.

Last spring, hubby retired. We decided we’d live at our farm during the week (a 2 1/2-hour drive away) heading back to an apartment on The Waterway for weekends so we don’t miss grandkids or church. Sounds like a perfect retirement plan, right: no-maintenance living on one end, never-ending on the other. After all, I can write from anywhere with an internet connection. Lots of people do that. It’s called tele-pathetic work, I think.

But, God…He not only has a big BUT, He’s got an impeccable sense of comedic timing. The second day out on our retirement road trip to Yosemite, we got a call that could not have come from anywhere except above. So my hubby took the job and I took to ZILLOW. Again. The farm will continue as a weekend hobby for now.

Apparently, my plants have a touch of gypsy, too. Neighbors (of numerous houses) swear they’ve witnessed shrubs and perennials in my yard lift their skirts…uh…er…ROOTS when they see me coming with a shovel. The home we bought THIS time was a rental property for several years. It had good bones; however, a few were brittle, the rest broken. So here I come with my shovel.


Want a happy face on your shrubs? Transplant at the right time!

We straddle the Texas Gulf Coast and the Pineywoods here. Our weather is somewhat temperate. Also somewhat temperamental, but that’s for another post. The best time to re-do a landscape is our version of winter, which actually translates as less-hot-than-other-seasons. People who hate cold come live here in the winter, probably in this house till we rescued it. Heat’s the nemesis rather than cold when it comes to gardening here. And snowbirding, too, come to think of it. I guess plants and people are a lot alike when it comes to weather – we both hate both ends of the spectrum.


So if you’re like me, always itching to move, my hubby recommends a shovel rather than a U-Haul. He also recommends keeping an auxiliary honey-do list in emergencies. Got your shovel and ready to move? Here are some to-dos for the gypsy plants on your list. Also, check out my friend Skip Richter’s YouTube on digging up the root ball.


Root prune plants before moving. I love my sharp shooter shovel because of the no-slip spot for my foot. It’s made by Fiskars. (I received no $ for saying this, or even a discount, by golly!)







all lit up and nowhere to go

My newest book is progressing nicely. All work on it has halted for the moment, however: the boss bumped me to a new office upstairs.

In most worlds, moving up in the building = moving up in the company. Not so much here. I’ll have to actually MAKE an office before I can work in it. I’m banned from my garden until I complete the task, too. It’s not a sacrifice staying inside right now since temps still hover in the mid – high 90’s in my garden. It is tough to know I must sacrifice my last BOX BASTION and organize the catch-all-junk-drawer of our house into a usable office.

This old lamp needs a serious make-over.

This old lamp needs a serious make-over.

The most difficult part of the job? It requires completing a project, emptying said boxes and finding a home for the contents. The reason those boxes have been sitting up there since we moved a year ago is I didn’t want to deal with sorting and making decisions on the contents. Some items no longer fit our needs. Some don’t fit our decor. Some were gifts, some we bought on impulse. Most I don’t even remember why we bothered to box and move. Besides an every-growing pile destined for Salvation Army, I’ve decided it’s terribly wasteful to get rid of everything and buy all new. Instead, I’m re-doing lamps and furniture, a mini-makeover, repurposing what I can salvage from our past.

One of my favorite authors – Alice Hoffman – paints her office with each book project. That seems ambitious – and EXPENSIVE – since she writes one every year or so. I actually enjoy construction and would choose busying myself in the garden or my house over writing most days. Writing deadlines are essential for me, primarily since authorship is a love/hate relationship. I LOVE speaking to groups and schools. I LOVE starting new book or magazine projects and doing extensive research. I HATE being forced to sit for hours at a computer to write and find it even more excruciating to stick with things once the new’s worn thin.

Hmmmmm.  I wonder if Alice dreads the deed as much as I do and paints to keep from writing.

Anyway, I’m hoping these quick-fixes in my office tempt me to linger in my chair a little longer, at least until the north wind returns so outside temperatures retreat to tolerable. Wanna see what I’m doing? Here’s my attempt at un-fru-fruing a pair of buffet lamps hiding in one of the boxes.

After: my lamp (and whitewashed table) will feel more at home in a beach-themed office.

After: my lamp (and whitewashed table) will feel more at home in a beach-themed office.

I hope you’ll be inspired to tackle a make-over project for yourself or someone who needs help on one of theirs.  Maybe you’ll even be inspired to FINISH. Now THAT would be ambitious! cc:

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