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Ants-in-the-Pants Not a Fun Game

Yesterday while removing spring/summer blooming plants in a raised bed, I found a little more than dying plants. Recent rains encouraged fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) to look for higher ground. Raised bed = water-free home. Think of a beach house on stilts. Part of the mound fell from the root ball of a plant onto the leg… Continue reading Ants-in-the-Pants Not a Fun Game

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“I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes…”

"Any natural organic way to keep snakes out of the yard? I am not opposed to killing them, but would rather annoy them so much they go off and bother someone else.  Thinking specifically copperheads and garden snakes." This year's record drought in some areas of the country and record rains in others are bringing… Continue reading “I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes…”

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Battling Garden Pests

Am I showing my age?  If you didn't recognize the title of my post today, Pat Benatar dominated 80's rock for a time with this song.  That's how I'm feeling about my garden this morning.  The cutworms have declared war!  My peppers have been under attack the last few days and I want to share… Continue reading Battling Garden Pests

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a C.S.A. subscription doesn’t get you a new magazine…..does it?

Several months ago, I visited my oldest daughter in Arlington, VA and realized I'd had a little more influence on her than I knew:  she's a farmer.  However, living in a 3rd floor condo with only a small balcony, she's pretty limited in her crops.  Herbs and micro-greens in the south-facing windows limped through the winter,… Continue reading a C.S.A. subscription doesn’t get you a new magazine…..does it?

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Periwinkle problems solved?

Gena asks me: "I PLANTED WHITE PERIWINKLES 2 WKS AGO. THEY LOOKED GREAT AND NOW ONE BY ONE IN A ROW EVERY DAY THEY LOOK WILTED . I AM SO MAD. WHAT COULD IT BE?  Annual periwinkles or vincas (Cathaaranthus roseus) are susceptible to a fungal disease.  A great deer-resistant annual color plant for sun… Continue reading Periwinkle problems solved?