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Build a crate coffee table

crate table

This week I’m working on projects at my daughter’s house as we await the imminent arrival of my 1st grandchild. Her nesting has created a long list of honey-do’s and momma-do’s and at the top of her list was something she’d seen on Pinterest: an exterior coffee table made of wooden crates. Upon visiting the Abilene, Texas Habitat for Humanity ReStore on another quest (also on the list), she mentioned needing two crates of the same size/shape for her project to the guy checking us out. He motioned for us to pull around back where he loaded – gratis – two said crates.

Home(I think West Texas folks are just nice like that. Probably didn’t hurt my daughter is 9 plus months pregnant and I’m old….)

Wanna know how we made it? Here’s the low-down on our method, with a few extra hints, gratis.

1) Talk someone out of relatively clean twin crates. (HINT:Take a pregnant woman with you for apathy. Also, if you can pull them OUT of the car, place the crates so they must be moved in order for your spouse to get into the house, encouraging them to help with the project.)

Expect to use 3 cans of spray paint because of the rough texture of the crate’s wood.

2) Paint said crates (I used 3 cans of spray paint and a mask, but in West Texas winds, that was barely enough) along with 4 sections of 4×4’s as spacers, if desired.

3) Screw casters into the corners of the crate that will be the bottom part of the table. (HINT:You might want LOCKING CASTERS unless you’re okay with the table being used as unapproved playground equipment.)

Why is it called “toenail” when you put screws in at an angle?

4) Toenail deck screws attaching the spacers to the bottom crate, then to the top crate, creating a two-level table. (Or a really fun, really cute, and really DANGEROUS trolley for kids.)

Oooooh, wouldn’t this be a cool serving trolley or wine bar if each crate was cut in two and stacked FOUR high?

(HINT: I’d love to see YOUR photos if you make one of these, but wait till my daughter goes into labor before you send it. I’d like to rock my new grandbaby while SHE works on projects!) c:

Locking casters will keep your table stationary, but aren’t nearly as much fun when table surfing.

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    1. Diane, she’s a HE unless the sonograms are wrong, and of course it’s been known to occur. His name is Everett Alan Stock and although he’s due December 6th – if he’s like his mom – he’ll arrive whenever he dang well pleases! Love you, too, sister. c:

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