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Build a crate coffee table

This week I'm working on projects at my daughter's house as we await the imminent arrival of my 1st grandchild. Her nesting has created a long list of honey-do's and momma-do's and at the top of her list was something she'd seen on Pinterest: an exterior coffee table made of wooden crates. Upon visiting the Abilene,… Continue reading Build a crate coffee table

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Landscape Design-WHERE DO I BEGIN?

We just bought a house and the "landscape" consists of a few trees and a weird assortment of shrubs here and there.  Where should we start? All of us long for a yard out of Southern Living or Architectural Digest.  In reality, most of us inherit something between The Jungle Book and Grapes of Wrath, so… Continue reading Landscape Design-WHERE DO I BEGIN?

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Thinking About NEW Plan(t)s for Your Garden?

I AM!  After spending the last 4 days in Indianapolis at the Garden Writers Association annual conference, my plant gotta-have list has substantially lengthened.  The garden visits, presentations and trade show inspired design ideas and introduced me to books, blogs and websites I want to explore. Here are a few of my HITS and MYTHS… Continue reading Thinking About NEW Plan(t)s for Your Garden?

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Vines to Cover a Multitude of Sins (Part 2)

This post's title should really be "IDEAS to cover a multitude of sins...." in the landscape, anyway.  Vines can be great cover-ups for an old fence, but one of the SINS of an old fence is that it is OLD! Old does not always infer decrepid and unstable (and remember: we ARE talking FENCES here),… Continue reading Vines to Cover a Multitude of Sins (Part 2)

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Steps to Integrating Stepping Stones

"We have stepping-stones in crushed granite that lead to our deck in the back yard.   What would be a good groundcover to use around them?  Drainage comes off the house and washes the area, so we need something that will take the water run-off and also doesn't mind staying wet."  Eileen P. Stepping stones… Continue reading Steps to Integrating Stepping Stones