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Free Friday better than FREAKY Friday anyday!

Dramm’s classic Rain Wand along with their classic model showing its use. While I do condone using this product, I do NOT condone the white shoes after Labor Day. (Photo – and give-away – courtesy Dramm Corporation.)

Several weeks ago I got a package from Dramm Corporation, a great North American company that started out producing commercial landscaping products but known now primarily for their incredible hose-end watering tools, like the classic Rain Wand.

They asked me to try some of their other products and sent enough for YOU to try them, too.

Dramm’s Compact Pruners are a great stocking stuffer! (Cat not included.)

Want one? For FREE???

Just comment on this post or on my author FaceBook page to get your name in the drawing.

Oh, by the way, according to Captain Hook, their Compact Pruners are pet friendly, but not PAW friendly. c:


7 thoughts on “Free Friday better than FREAKY Friday anyday!”

  1. Always good to get something free! Maybe it would help me keep my poor plants on the porch alive! It would be even better if we got to see you along with it! Maybe someday soon we will head down your direction just to get out of town!

  2. When my son was little, he used to beg for a Rain Wand, but I knew that in his imagination, it became the water equivalent of a light saber. I would never have been safe (dry) in the backyard again! Thanks for sharing this opportunity!

    1. Vonna, when I was growing up with three brothers, a “Rain Wand” was something very different……what is it about little boys and their waterers, huh? Thanks for sharing your memories! c:

  3. Hi Cherie. I’d like the clippers. I like that they have red handles so they don’t get lost in the grass or flowerbed.

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