FRUIT FLIES FLOWN: a great organic remedy for fruit fly problems

This week my sister was visiting from Denver. Besides apologizing for the heat and humidity of our Gulf Coast summer, I found myself begging forgiveness for a hazy cloud in my kitchen.

Has anyone else noticed the fruitfulness of fruit flies this year?*

They’re awful! I realize it could be worse — it could be RAINING — but I’m fed up with the little boogers. They’ve even moved into my bathroom, and I promise there is NO fruit for them there. I’ve tried sticky traps, putting my compost jar in the fridge, and everything else I could think of to rid my kitchen of the fruit flies. (I don’t do chemicals, and diatomaceous earth doesn’t help with flying insects.)

close trap
TIP: Be sure you leave an opening at the bottom of the funnel for the fruit flies to get out into the glass.

My nephew and his wife came over for dinner and the brilliant girl had the perfect fruit fly RX: an easy homemade trap. She doesn’t remember how she 1st heard about it, and honestly, who cares as long as it works. And IT DOES! In 2 days the cloud parted and I haven’t seen a fruit fly since.

The proof's NOT in the pudding and neither are those pesky fruit flies!
The proof’s NOT in the pudding and neither are those pesky fruit flies!
  • a glass or jar
  • apple cider vinegar
  • rotting fruit
  • funnel that fits snuggly into glass/jar
  1. Put the rotting fruit into the bottom of the glass/jar.
  2. Add a tablespoon or so of vinegar.
  3. Top with the funnel.
  4. Periodically take it outside to free your captives.

*NOTE: Fruit flies can also be an issue on indoor container plants.

1 thought on “FRUIT FLIES FLOWN: a great organic remedy for fruit fly problems”

  1. hi cherie–i have had a serious outbreak of fruit fries this season for several weeks. Last week i read up on in it from several sources and tried the apple cider in bottle with a dash of liquid soap. I even gave the banana in jar trick. I have had the best success with the apple cider & soap. I put plastic over the opening of wide jars and a hole in the center. I also used old spice shakers that have the the lid on the opening that has holes so you can shanke out the spice. That also has worked very,very good. This is one critter i will be add when they ate all gone. it does not help i have wood walls and the fruit flies have all the crevices they want for hiding from me. My palms have gotten a bit red from slapping the fruit flies down to the counter. I am learning to be fast. Here i come baseball. diane

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