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P. Allen’s Little Rock

While in Little Rock last weekend speaking at the Arkansas Literary Festival, I had the chance to experience a beautiful city I'd only passed through, not been to, previously.  I also got to see a renowned gardener's garden while in town: P. Allen Smith.  Now he doesn't actually LIVE in this house much, apparently.  I… Continue reading P. Allen’s Little Rock

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Rake Those Leaves, or Leaf It Alone?

It's beginning to look a lot like.....well, like AUTUMN here in South Texas.  But, I don't dread leaves on the ground anymore. Winter officially begins today, December 21st, even if my sister in Denver begs to differ.  Storms here sent leaves scurrying, as per schedule this week.  So, what should be done about that?  (The… Continue reading Rake Those Leaves, or Leaf It Alone?