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Best Time to (TRANS)Plant Trees…AND KIDS!

When should trees be transplanted? Leslie in Texas When our girls were young, we found traveling at night while they were asleep was a great way to avoid the not-so-fun ordeal of toddlers/teens (is there a difference other than SIZE?) on road trips. What does that have to do with TREES?  Our precious little ones… Continue reading Best Time to (TRANS)Plant Trees…AND KIDS!

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Vines to Cover a Multitude of Sins (Part 1)

Our old wooden fence is in full sun and about 6' tall, but ugly so I'd like to cover it.  I'm afraid wisteria would be too heavy and tear the whole fence down.  What are some other vines to use? Jo, Oklahoma A wooden fence covered with any vine could spell disaster.  Let's look at some… Continue reading Vines to Cover a Multitude of Sins (Part 1)