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Nurturing nature(al) readers: YOU CAN GROW THAT!

Watching the nightly news is painful, isn't it?  I hate it in the same way I hate coming up on a bad car-wreck: I look but I always wish I hadn't.  From the newscasts, it would seem playing outside is one of the most dangerous things a kid can do. As a child of the 60's,… Continue reading Nurturing nature(al) readers: YOU CAN GROW THAT!

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Tomorrow’s Garden TODAY!

This summer I had the opportunity to meet a fellow I've followed for some time.  Not literally, of course.  They put people in jail for that nowadays, I hear.  But Stephen Orr cropped up on my radar several years ago when he was garden editor at HOUSE AND GARDEN magazine and at the cool Conde'… Continue reading Tomorrow’s Garden TODAY!

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Vines to Cover a Multitude of Sins (Part 2)

This post's title should really be "IDEAS to cover a multitude of sins...." in the landscape, anyway.  Vines can be great cover-ups for an old fence, but one of the SINS of an old fence is that it is OLD! Old does not always infer decrepid and unstable (and remember: we ARE talking FENCES here),… Continue reading Vines to Cover a Multitude of Sins (Part 2)