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Figs gone wild: YOU CAN GROW THAT!

A few months ago my doctor put me on a LOW-FODMAP diet.  The bottom line is I can't eat lots of things I love anymore. Including figs. That might not be a big deal to you, but it is to me. Making fig preserves each autumn is a tradition for my dad and me to do… Continue reading Figs gone wild: YOU CAN GROW THAT!

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I can be lazy. While that statement sounds very much like I AM lazy, the distinction is an important one.  For most of my life, it's been difficult for me to even sit still, much less completely veg out.  Those days are over. Has my personality morphed, choleric gone phlegmatic?  Probably not.  When it comes… Continue reading YOU CAN GROW THAT! POTATOES

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Rake Those Leaves, or Leaf It Alone?

It's beginning to look a lot like.....well, like AUTUMN here in South Texas.  But, I don't dread leaves on the ground anymore. Winter officially begins today, December 21st, even if my sister in Denver begs to differ.  Storms here sent leaves scurrying, as per schedule this week.  So, what should be done about that?  (The… Continue reading Rake Those Leaves, or Leaf It Alone?

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Is My Tree Dead, or Just Playin’ Possum?

Several months ago a friend asked if she should cut down her dead tree or wait to see if the leaves come back out in the spring......  When I repeated her question, as any good therapist would do, she recognized what she'd said was not what she'd really meant.  Her real question: IS MY TREE… Continue reading Is My Tree Dead, or Just Playin’ Possum?

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Tomorrow’s Garden TODAY!

This summer I had the opportunity to meet a fellow I've followed for some time.  Not literally, of course.  They put people in jail for that nowadays, I hear.  But Stephen Orr cropped up on my radar several years ago when he was garden editor at HOUSE AND GARDEN magazine and at the cool Conde'… Continue reading Tomorrow’s Garden TODAY!