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WHEN to plant WHAT

My confession that rules were blatantly disregarded when I planted shrubs during  July brought sorrowful bent heads and looks of disapproval.  And those were just from Gus the Wonder Cat..... I can imagine what your thoughts on the subject might be. As a designer, I often myself tempted to The Dark Side, putting FORM before… Continue reading WHEN to plant WHAT

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Are YOU a Garden Design Renaissance Man/Woman?

After a few weeks of HOW-TO's in landscape design on this blog, ran across this example of possibly the most sane way to do landscaping.....hire OTHERS to do it for you! During the Renaissance Era, often a hired-gun designer came through town and wealthy land-owners paid him to spruce up their place in the latest style… Continue reading Are YOU a Garden Design Renaissance Man/Woman?

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Vines to Cover a Multitude of Sins (Part 2)

This post's title should really be "IDEAS to cover a multitude of sins...." in the landscape, anyway.  Vines can be great cover-ups for an old fence, but one of the SINS of an old fence is that it is OLD! Old does not always infer decrepid and unstable (and remember: we ARE talking FENCES here),… Continue reading Vines to Cover a Multitude of Sins (Part 2)