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Best Time to (TRANS)Plant Trees…AND KIDS!

When should trees be transplanted? Leslie in Texas When our girls were young, we found traveling at night while they were asleep was a great way to avoid the not-so-fun ordeal of toddlers/teens (is there a difference other than SIZE?) on road trips. What does that have to do with TREES?  Our precious little ones… Continue reading Best Time to (TRANS)Plant Trees…AND KIDS!

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How To Succeed With Seedling Trees

I have 75 tree saplings coming from the Arbor Day Foundation.   What's the best way to ensure their survival? Saplings, arriving bare root - meaning not in a bucket with soil - are especially cost effective but, like a newborn as compared to a toddler, require more intensive care.  At shipping in the fall or winter,… Continue reading How To Succeed With Seedling Trees

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Tree Trimming for Dummies

The Christmas season has everyone talking about trimming trees.  Oh.  Not that kind?  What if you have trees than need pruning, though?  Can that be done NOW?  HOW? Since Edward Scissorhands wasn't available (his blades were full), here are my quick tips on pruning trees and shrubs. WHEN? There are several reasons to trim woody… Continue reading Tree Trimming for Dummies

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Is My Tree Dead, or Just Playin’ Possum?

Several months ago a friend asked if she should cut down her dead tree or wait to see if the leaves come back out in the spring......  When I repeated her question, as any good therapist would do, she recognized what she'd said was not what she'd really meant.  Her real question: IS MY TREE… Continue reading Is My Tree Dead, or Just Playin’ Possum?