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FREE FRIDAY! and Summer is NOT the time to plant

To celebrate August, the end-of- summer (since schools start ever-earlier), I'll have a FREE FRIDAY tomorrow. Go to my author FaceBook page and pick which one of my children's books you want and I'll pick you. Or Gus the Wonder Cat will pick for me. IF he's in the mood for that kind of thing.… Continue reading FREE FRIDAY! and Summer is NOT the time to plant

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GARDEN DESIGN: Drawing Your Plan

Now that you have a BASIC LANDSCAPE LAYOUT graphed out from last time, you should know where permanent features and plants will be staying.  Time to make final decisions on what goes where for your new do/redo. 1)  Think about the why of it to determine the where.  Clients tell me they want their summer… Continue reading GARDEN DESIGN: Drawing Your Plan

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Last time, we talked about how to get started with a landscape design plan, going over the pre-requisites to think about before you actually begin buying plants and installing them.  You are ready to put your homework to the test: time to start drawing your plan. Now, don't get skeerd, as we say in Texican.… Continue reading Landscape Design – STARTING YOUR LANDSCAPE PLAN, Part 1

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“Low-maintenance garden”… an oxymoron?

We just bought a vacation home and need ideas on what types of low-maintenance flowers, bushes, landscaping we can plant. There is no watering system, so the yard and beds must thrive on natural rainfall except for our quarterly visits. Also, how do you prevent 'stick-tites' or kill existing ones?  Jeri in Missouri Maintenance problems… Continue reading “Low-maintenance garden”… an oxymoron?

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Steps to Integrating Stepping Stones

"We have stepping-stones in crushed granite that lead to our deck in the back yard.   What would be a good groundcover to use around them?  Drainage comes off the house and washes the area, so we need something that will take the water run-off and also doesn't mind staying wet."  Eileen P. Stepping stones… Continue reading Steps to Integrating Stepping Stones