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Planting seeds straight into the ground

Lately, I've gotten several questions about the best way to start seeds in the ground, also called straight sown seeds. (Of course, I don't DO straight lines, so that is a bit of an oxymoron at my house.....)  I don't know that my way is the BEST, but it works well for me.  I'm open… Continue reading Planting seeds straight into the ground

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P. Allen’s Little Rock

While in Little Rock last weekend speaking at the Arkansas Literary Festival, I had the chance to experience a beautiful city I'd only passed through, not been to, previously.  I also got to see a renowned gardener's garden while in town: P. Allen Smith.  Now he doesn't actually LIVE in this house much, apparently.  I… Continue reading P. Allen’s Little Rock

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YOU CAN GROW THAT: squash isn’t just a child’s game!

When you follow the rules in gardening, it works.  When you don't, it doesn't. But the rules we must follow are not OURS.  They are nature's rules.  That's why gardening seems difficult.  We Americans tend to be proud of our rule-breaking ways! Actually, rules make things much easier and as Andy Rooney loved to ask,… Continue reading YOU CAN GROW THAT: squash isn’t just a child’s game!

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I can be lazy. While that statement sounds very much like I AM lazy, the distinction is an important one.  For most of my life, it's been difficult for me to even sit still, much less completely veg out.  Those days are over. Has my personality morphed, choleric gone phlegmatic?  Probably not.  When it comes… Continue reading YOU CAN GROW THAT! POTATOES

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Best Time to (TRANS)Plant Trees…AND KIDS!

When should trees be transplanted? Leslie in Texas When our girls were young, we found traveling at night while they were asleep was a great way to avoid the not-so-fun ordeal of toddlers/teens (is there a difference other than SIZE?) on road trips. What does that have to do with TREES?  Our precious little ones… Continue reading Best Time to (TRANS)Plant Trees…AND KIDS!