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Poinsettia Pointers & Other Plants to Ring in the New Year

If you're like me, it's tough passing up after-Christmas bargains. And since my drug of choice is plants, a trip to the nursery the 1st week of January means I'll extend the season with HUGE, beautiful poinsettias for less than $5 each. I look at this as a quick high, a temporary fix, though. You… Continue reading Poinsettia Pointers & Other Plants to Ring in the New Year

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          This week I've been working with my friend Cindy Huey on the area in my front yard near the entrance. When we moved to this house a few months ago, there were two huge sago palms (which are highly toxic, by the way) and 20 shrubs in an area barely large enough… Continue reading 3 RULES FOR CHOOSING PLANTS

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Planting seeds straight into the ground

Lately, I've gotten several questions about the best way to start seeds in the ground, also called straight sown seeds. (Of course, I don't DO straight lines, so that is a bit of an oxymoron at my house.....)  I don't know that my way is the BEST, but it works well for me.  I'm open… Continue reading Planting seeds straight into the ground

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Container Gardening = Endless POTS-abilities

It can be overwhelming to start a project, can't it.  There are just WAY too many possibilities.  But section it out, come up with a theme, and most of the choices are made for you.  If you haven't started landscaping because you don't know where to begin, how about putting it into perspective?  Bite off… Continue reading Container Gardening = Endless POTS-abilities