HOT summer color: monochromatic doesn’t have to be monotonous

medium sized tree: desert willow

Powerful color can be powerful in the landscape.  The impact of massed color makes a showy display, even from a distance.  Don’t like the cottage garden look? No worries.

medium color: summer phlox

Try a monochromatic scheme instead. Pairings of similarly hued plants – whether it’s the bloom or the foliage – fit well in any style landscape, from modern to rustic.  A not-so-formal green gathering of diversity can be ramped up to a black-tie event when alike in their color pallete.

low color: winecup

Position the groupings so when viewed they have a pleasing flow, usually from tallest in back to shortest in front.

Here are a few of my favorites of all sizes, each one chosen for a royal purple reign.

low color: petunias
small tree: rose of Sharon, AKA althea
shrub: beauty berry
low color: purple verbena

small shrub/medium color: pavonia, also called rock rose
perennial: purple coneflower
medium ornamental grass: Gulf coast muhly