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P. Allen’s Little Rock

Did you know Little Rock is named after a LITTLE ROCK? The BIG ROCK is just upriver, the Quapaw Indians using this landmark as a trading post prior to Europeans horning in on the action.

While in Little Rock last weekend speaking at the Arkansas Literary Festival, I had the chance to experience a beautiful city I’d only passed through, not been to, previously.  I also got to see a renowned gardener’s garden while in town: P. Allen Smith.  Now he doesn’t actually LIVE in this house much, apparently.  I leave my house for a week and all H*## breaks loose, yet P.Allen’s yard was in pretty good shape. (Do I have to use the “P” every time?) I was not invited to see the garden by the man himself despite my tweet I’d be in town, so my friend Ann and I strolled by his house to make sure he was okay since he didn’t answer back with his own tweet about how much he’d love to have me over for mint juleps on the verandah.

view into P.Allen Smith's back garden

Ann’s home is two doors down from P. Allen (wonder what his mom calls him?) and reports to me periodically what’s going on in the historic Quapaw Quarter of Little Rock where they live.  A garden tour is coming up in May, so many landscapes in the Quarter are getting spiffed up for the event, including Ann’s.

Still don’t know what the “P.” stands for, but wonder if it refers to the beautiful P-L-A-N-Ts?  c:

pooch portal at Ann's house
Pooch pool at Ann's house has steps so the previous resident of the backyard - a yellow lab with arthritis - could easily climb out after a dip.
rose arbor @P.Allen Smith's home in Little Rock
Roses are EVERYWHERE in Little Rock! This wall of climbers is behind the Central Library in downtown.

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