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Thinking About NEW Plan(t)s for Your Garden?

I AM!  After spending the last 4 days in Indianapolis at the Garden Writers Association annual conference, my plant gotta-have list has substantially lengthened.  The garden visits, presentations and trade show inspired design ideas and introduced me to books, blogs and websites I want to explore.

Martha Stewart's editor Stephen Orr with his new book

Here are a few of my HITS and MYTHS of LANDSCAPING from the 2011 GWA….

HIT: a little bit of heaven

A LITTLE GARDEN OF MY OWN    Now since I’m a Texan, my idea of “lil bitty” might differ from that of a New Yorker, but these tiny treasures were remarkable.


ANYONE can grow their own personal space… size really does NOT matter!  Loved Kathryn’s little woodsy vignettes on display, but we live in a forest already.  I’m picturing a southwestern style desert garden for my husband so he can take a vacation to his favorite spot – Moab, Utah – every time he looks at his office windowsill.

MYTH: if ONE piece of art is good, 20 is better...

MONUMENTAL MISTAKES  Plant materials that croak in my hot and humid garden were thriving in Indiana’s cooler climate making me drool in person versus via catalogue.  But one thing I found growing in odd places was statuary. In marking a pet cemetery (no, we weren’t at Stephen King’s house), it makes sense to have a grave stone.  However, there seemed to be a fire sale somewhere on garden art and it came to its eternal rest all in the same spot.  When you want to feature a special statue or a pretty pot in your landscape, FEATURE it.  Too many spotlights will blind folks.

off the beaten path

SIT A SPELL  Garden benches and seating abound in Indy.  Not sure if Indianans get tired a lot or they recognized we garden writers appreciate taking a seat to view gardens, not just work in them.  Some places to perch were comfortable.  Some weren’t.

Two talented friends - Pat Lanza ( and Becky Heath ( - take a flight of fancy at the gorgeous AVON GARDENS.

That really might not always be the point for landscape seating, though.  Often the IDEA of being able to relax along the path accomplishes the same task as actually doing it.

Well, off to West Texas and then Dallas for a few days.  Hope you get rain if you need it and sunny skies if you don’t.  And hope your garden makes you happy. cc:


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