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BEE-u-t-FULL Day, Bringing the #1 Pollinators Back to Our Gardens!

Angela Chandler has everyone spellbound, including Mike and Heidi at Treesearch Farms.

Have you noticed a DECLINE IN THE NUMBER OF BEES?  It isn’t just your imagination.  The numero uno pollinator is in a downward spiral and if it continues, life as we know it will cease.  That may sound like the lament of a drama QUEEN(bee).  But research has borne out the facts:  30% of our food depends on insect pollinators and 70% of flowering plants (which means almost all of our PLANT FOODS) depend on pollination by insects for survival.

Why are bees in trouble?

TREESEARCH FARMS, a Houston wholesale nursery specializing in Texas native plants, invited garden professionals to an urban beekeeping event last week where

Angela Chandler  (

gave us insight with her PowerPoint presentation, “Habitat Beekeeping,” then hands-on experience in hiving a new swarm.  We were ALL amazed at how much each of us can do to ensure our most treasured pollinators rebound!   While many factors contribute to bee decimation, a little goes a long way in reversing the trend and every one of us can do SOMETHING.

Bees enjoying sugar water, thankfully, instead of finding me sweet. Noticed too late my EpiPen was expired....
HIT: BEES are the #1 pollinator of crop plants.
MYTH: Should you let a buzzing bee lie?

Angela’s been keeping bees since childhood, yet stung only one time.  The key?  Remembering that STINGING is the bee’s defense response.  Leave them alone – even when they land on you – to keep everyone buzzing happily. 


6 thoughts on “BEE-u-t-FULL Day, Bringing the #1 Pollinators Back to Our Gardens!”

  1. I have let my mint go to bloom this summer and have enjoyed watching the honey bees do their thing each morning, collecting. And I like to spray the mint with water to give them some hydration, while I’m at it. They seem to appreciate it the refreshment.

    1. Kelly, Yes, you DO have to check on neighborhood ordinances. Even if they allow it, there might be stipulations (not near a school, etc.). I’m having to go through that right now in my community. As far as snow, check with these folks in Connecticut, the Backyard Beekeepers ( Obviously not an issue for us here in Houston! c:

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